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For those of us who are kinda short and really eating disordered.

Five Four
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This community is for people who are five foot four, and eating disordered. This is where we can post our best tips, thinspiration, and help eachother more as a close group of friends than as a giant mass of anorexic people. This is not a how-to guide of how to become eating disordered. This is a place for postitive ideas and comments.

-You have to be five foot four inches tall to join. Or five three or five five. We're really not that picky.
-Positive comments only
-You must post a thinspirational photo, reason to be thin, one-liner, or a *new* tip (not one that we've all seen on other ana websites) with each post.
-No bashing the fat and eating disordered just for being fat! They suffer just like the rest of us.
-No "elite-ana" shit, bragging how ana is better than mia, saying that one person is "better" than another because they have a lower BMI, etc. That bullshit is ludicrous.